Collaboration illiteracy

Many children succeed in School yet fail Life. Then there are those who failed in school yet succeeded in Life. The difference? Those who failed in Life suffered from what I call ‘Collaboration illiteracy’.

What I have developed as a solution to this -Collaboration Literacy -the ability to get out of your own way and find your way in life and then help others do the same, is a greater priority literacy then even reading, writing or arithmetic. Collaboration like Charity and Compassion begins at home. Self-Collaboration or getting all the different parts of yourself to work together to help you flow and function in Life is the pre-requisite to Collaboration with others.

If you get in your own way and you get together with others who also get in their own way, it won’t end well. Find out how to make it end well by attending ‘The Beauty of Collaboration’ event.

Jazz Rasool


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